GROW offers a recovery-focused, strengths-based 12-Step Program developed by people who have found ways to use their own resources to recover and maintain mental good health. The Program is delivered through weekly structured meetings. GROW complements professional and clinical mental health services by offering friendship and the support of others who have 'been there and done that'. The many positive outcomes include:

  • An increased sense of personal value
  • Increased confidence
  • A new sense of belonging and a new purpose in life

Recovery is a mutual journey where peers travel together into new possibilities for both individual and group. It is hard work. For over 50 years GROW has helped countless people to successfully complete this challenging task. Some 50 groups operate around Victoria, including in prisons and Alcohol and Other Drug centres. 

Families / carers

 'GROW - Better Together' offers peer support groups for people caring for someone with a mental illness. Meetings are structured, and use the resources of the GROW Program which has been developing for over 50 years. Participants have the opportunity to both address the day-to-day challenges which their care-giving role brings and find practical solutions. There is education in aspects of mental health and of course the opportunity to develop new friendships with those who understand. The many positive outcomes include:

  • Improved ability to address family and other relationship issues
  • Greater awareness of the need for self care for all family members
  • Renewed opportunities to relax, laugh and have fun

 Six twice-monthly groups operate in Metropolitan Melbourne, with new groups including in regional areas being planned.



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Improving mental health and well-being in a caring and sharing community