Who works in Peer support?

Peer support is now recognised as an employment option. Community mental health organisations and clinical services are increasingly utilising the skills and lived experience of people who have experienced mental health issues and family members/carers to provide support to others. Click on the links for more information about Training and Employment.

To better understand the different types of organisations that employ peer support workers, see below.  These links provide access to presentation slides and further information from a range of leading peer support programs and services that presented as part of the Peer Conference in October 2012.  This event was hosted by the Centre of Excellence, and supported by Arafemi Victoria with funding from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing and the Mental Health Council of Australia.

Peer support programs and services

Some questions to stimulate our deeper thinking about peer support work:

Prepared by Flick Grey from Our Consumer Place

The Peer Work Project:


COPES - Carers Offering Peers Early Support:

Orygen Youth Health

PHaMs – Personal Helpers and Mentors, Dandenong

PHaMs Peer Support Worker case study

Spectrum of Cultures

Website links

Brook R.E.D.

The Music Network for Mental Health – a program of Wild@heART Community Arts

Voices Vic