For Consumers

Welcome! The Centre for Excellence Peer Support has been established by a group of seven organisations (the Mutual Support and Self Help Consortium, led by ARAFEMI) which provide peer support services and believe they are an integral part of recovery and mental health.

Perhaps you are thinking of setting up a peer support group? Or someone has suggested you join one and you want to know more. Maybe you've tried one and it didn’t work for you, but you'd like to consider alternative peer support models.

This website promotes best practice by providing ready access to resources, latest research, a Directory of peer support services and the Forum. You can use all of these to enhance your experience of peer support. We would also appreciate hearing about your views on the site and what else could be added. Please comment here.

Have you considered working or volunteering as a peer support worker? Using your lived experience in this way could make a valuable contribution in the recovery of others. You can find out more about pathways to employment and training here.

You may also like to contact Our Consumer Place, a consumer-run resource centre which provides information, training, support and advice to consumer-run groups and projects.